Winter is finally behind us, and warm days are here in Western Pennsylvania. With summertime looming right around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to give your car or crossover a refresh with spring service and maintenance from Sendell Subaru. Here are a few recommended service items to consider.

  • Change Oil and Filter: The backbone of a good maintenance schedule, this common maintenance item is also the most essential. In addition to lubricating fast-moving metal parts are keep the temperature at a safe level, oil also keeps the engine clean by carrying contaminants to the filter. With the colder weather and increased debris on the road, oil works harder in the winter. You’re your ride a fresh start for summer with an oil change and new filter.

  • Brake Service: With extra road contaminants, there are more opportunities for faster and uneven wear of the pads and rotors. If you notice your car is behaving oddly when applying the brakes, bring it in for a quick checkup.

  • New Wiper Blades and Fluid Top Off: Cold weather can cause the rubber on your wiper blades to turn brittle and stiff, making them significantly less effective. Ensure maximum rain clearance during a summer downpour with a fresh pair of wiper blades.

  • Battery Testing: Like many components of your car, the battery is forced to work harder in the cold. Also, the transition to warm weather can cause faster fluid evaporation and condensation, which can cause terminal oxidation and corrosion. We can easily test the life and performance of your vehicle's battery during your next service visit.

Subaru Maintenance Serving Ligonier and Connellsville

For more information about suggested maintenance for your Subaru, contact Sendell Subaru at your convenience. If your vehicle is due for service, schedule an appointment and visit us here in Greensburg. We'll be happy to assist you.

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